The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) & Impexium

About SPJ

The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) is the nation’s most broad-based journalism organization, dedicated to encouraging the free practice of journalism and stimulating high standards of ethical behavior. 

Impexium is the Association Management Software provider for SPJ. Our AMS took them from poorly designed to intuitive and up-to-date. Read the full story about how easy it was for SPJ to implement Impexium as their new AMS.

The Problem

SPJ's AMS Was Poorly Designed & Inaccurate

Caroline Escobar, Manager of Membership & Chapters at SPJ, described their current system as “poorly designed, inaccurate, and very frustrating to work with.” Needless to say, the Society of Professional Journalists were on the hunt for a replacement, asking other association professionals what they use. Impexium was one that many recommended. 

The Solution

Impexium Provided Accurate Data
& An Ease of Use For Staff


Levels of Support

SPJ was thoroughly “impressed with the customer service” and levels of support from Impexium. It was crucial that Impexium support both its foundation and membership-based association. 


Access Accurate Data

The Society of Professional Journalists were ecstatic to finally be able to access accurate reporting data once they transitioned over to Impexium.


Ease & Efficiency

The new AMS removed manual processes for staff, allowing them to focus on more efficient uses of their time for the organization. 


Endless Possibilities

Caroline shared that she loves working in the queries application because of how “intuitive the system is” and the endless possibilities when creating a query through Impexium.

Our Partnership

How SPJ & Impexium Work Together

The Society of Professional Journalists could not be happier with how the migration went and where they are now. Caroline highlighted that “Impexium fulfilled the commitment they promised we would see, and they delivered.” She has worked with numerous AMS’ in her career and noted that Impexium was the most “up-to-date, not old and clunky like most.” 

“The customer service really is the driving home decision for us with Impexium and we have been continuously pleased every step of the way.”

Caroline Escobar SPJ
Caroline Esobar
Manager of Membership & Chapters at SPJ

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