The Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards (FCLB) & Impexium

About FCLB

The Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards (FCLB)  is a non-profit organization which facilitates the coordination and communication of the 50 individual United States’ chiropractic licensing boards.

FCLB uses Impexium as their AMS provider for our outstanding support and training. Read the full story about why FCLB partnered with Impexium as their membership management provider.

The Problem

FCLB's Legacy AMS Was Difficult to Use

The Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards (FCLB) decided to implement a new solution when it was communicated that their legacy AMS support was being phased out and the product itself would not be updated anymore. Kelly Webb, PR & Pace Coordinator at FCLB, described their previous AMS as “harder to use. The user interface was not friendly. Members had difficulty navigating it and understanding the data that needed to be input.”

The Solution

FCLB Has Been Surprised
& Delighted By Impexium's Software


Looks Like An App

Kelly said that Impexium “looks like an app” and is a “more attractive system” than other AMS providers they demoed. They found the software to be intuitive and easier to understand for staff and members.


New Features & Upgrades

Impexium releases new features and upgrades to our customers on a regular basis. We provide an online community and forum for users to suggest features that would make an impact at their organization.



Impexium was able to transition FCLB’s data very quickly and create custom reporting features to track data unique to them. The software also removed the need to hire programmers to build custom queries – staff can do it themselves now!


A Support Group

FCLB utilizes Impexium’s online tutorials, lunch and learns, and best practices to expand their knowledge of the AMS system. A support team is vital to the implementation process.

Our Partnership

How FCLB & Impexium Work Together

Kelly said that her favorite thing about Impexium was the support. She and the FCLB team have been “impressed with Impexium and how responsive they’ve been.” She went on to say that “you have to have a support team that is good with communication. One that listens, is patient, and can handle problem-solving that comes up.” 

“Impexium was a good fit because they were able to transition our data quickly and easily and they were able to adapt for our unique needs.”

Kelly Webb FCLB
Kelly Webb
PR & Pace Coordinator at FCLB

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