Impexium is here to help you train new members & staff.

Need to quickly train a new member of the membership or events team, upgrade your Impexium skills, or find out how to best leverage the platforms advanced data visualization features?

The Impexium Learning & Certification Hub

Impexium’s Learning and Certification Hub provides training how you want it, when you need it. Choose one of our flexible options for learning, in classrooms or virtual settings, and receive the hands-on guidance, skills and knowledge to do more with Impexium than you ever imagined. 

Personalized Training

Impexium is always changing. To keep you up-to-date with the latest enhancements and apps, we offer special training and live classes with each new release. Our instructors go beyond teach HOW to enter things in Impexium. You also learn WHY you do things.


Impexium offers comprehensive, in-person training classes that combine lectures, product demonstrations, and hands-on activities to prepare your staff to exceed at using the Impexium platform.


Is a virtual classroom a better fit for your staff and schedule? Say “no” to the expenses and time associated with travel and “yes” to instructor-led, hands-on learning. Get live instruction, with online convenience.


Learn on-demand with our recorded training videos and tutorials. These trainings are embedded throughout the platform for staff to build and strengthen their Impexium skills. 

Impexium Certification


100, 200 and 300 level online training courses to meet the needs of your newest to your most experienced users.


Become Impexium AMS certified or receive certificates in the Apps specific to your role or job function.


A great resource to learn the functionality of new Apps or refresh your knowledge on the Apps used on a daily basis.


24/7 online access to a full repository of role-based or topic-specific sets of courses to complete at your own pace without an instructor.

Weekly Lunch & Learns

Whether you are just getting started with Impexium, adding new staff, or in need of a refresher, Impexium’s Lunch & Learn online workshops enable organizations to get the most out of their Impexium investment.


The Impexium Lunch & Learn topics, tips-n-tricks, and best practices are generated by user experiences and customer-driven inquiries.


Have a question about Impexium? We answer live questions at the end of each Lunch & Learn.


All Impexium Lunch & Learns are recorded and archived in the Impexium User Community so staff can access them anytime, anywhere.


  • “You have to have a support team that communicates clearly, is a good listener, is patient and can really handle the problem solving…I have been really pleased with Impexium’s support. They are on-top-of things responsive…I know they will stick with me until we figure it out.”

    Kelly Webb FCLB
    Kelly Webb
    PR & Pace Coordinator at FCLB
  • “I found Impexium to be more modern, more sophisticated, more user friendly, more intuitive.”

    Jeff Sventek AsMA
    Jeff Sventek
    Executive Director at AsMA
  • “We wanted the technology to be seamless, easy to use, friendly, and beautifully simple and Impexium accomplished that.”

    Rafael Maldonado NADA
    Rafael Maldonado
    Former CIO at NADA
  • “…Impexium has allowed us to significantly improve our processes and procedures. We’ve automated quite a lot with Impexium and removed a number of manual processes that we had before. And staff are very happy about that.”

    Impexium RAPS Case Study
    Wendy Sahli
    Technology at RAPS
  • “The capabilities the system has is going to reduce their workload and the amount of work they had in the old system versus the new system. I like that my staff will be happier and will feel more capable and confident. This is going to be great. Their going to be happy. I’m going to be happy.”

    Cynthia Moreno Tuohy NAADAC
    Cynthia Moreno Tuohy
    Executive Director at NAADAC
  • “The membership purchasing and purchasing of other products through the system was very user-friendly and our customers were able to go in and act with our products and services in a different way than they had before. We found them engaging in a much higher rate than with our old systems.”

    Taylor Mitchell
    Taylor Mitchell
    Senior Vice President, Technology at Auto Care Association

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