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AMS Accounting Software

Impexium’s AMS accounting software makes it easy for associations, nonprofits, and all membership organizations to not only manage finances, but also connect them into their business operations and member database. And use finance data for data-driven decision-making.

Impexium association management software makes it easy to manage accounting and finances at scale, and it is built specifically with associations in mind.

Impexium’s Association Accounting and Financial Management App

Impexium’s accounting and financial management features are designed to handle organization invoicing, cash receipts, and other financial transactions. This includes membership deferrals, credits, and inventory management.

AMS Software

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Impexium’s AMS software empowers associations to make better decisions, execute with precision, and delight their members. Demo our solution today!

Streamlined billing operations at scale

For any size association, Impexium helps you manage the payment of membership dues, subscriptions, webinars, training events, and other items. Automate all of these billing tasks in one place,  to provide your members with a modern business experience that they expect.

Flexible tracking of business units within your organization

Tag and organize business units within your organization. So you can keep close track of the ebbs and flows of financial data for various entities. You can also create multi-company journal entries.This accounting app has a feature for just about everything.

Deferred revenue management

Incrementally see deferred membership dues revenue according to user-defined schedules.

Management of invoicing, discounts, late charges, returns, and payment processing

Create and adjust pro-forma invoices for companies and members. There is also a feature that allows you to apply discounts or late charges. And easily process returns. All at scale.

Fiscal year, closing period tracking

Easily track fiscal years and closing periods, enabling your organization to make sound decisions.The best accounting software is able to help with your organization’s financial management in both the present and future.

Integrate Your Financial Software with Impexium

Impexium’s top-notch integrations with leading accounting software result in a further streamlined workload. No longer will you be bothered to conduct routine, tedious transfers of information from one system to another before you can even get down to your accounting tasks. 

Our association software allows you to integrate financial data directly with the correct accounts in third-party accounting packages, saving you time and energy and freeing you up to focus on the parts of your job you love.

Integrations Include:

  • APAK 
  • Intacct 
  • GreatPlains 
  • Peachtree 
  • QuickBooks 
  • QuickBooks Online 
  • Solomon and Solomon2
  • Smart Connect 
  • Sage MAS90

Impexium also gives you the ability to create, post, and manage batches. So you can import and export groups between Impexium’s accounting software and your financial software easily. 

Benefits of Impexium for Finance and Accounting

Whether you are using Impexium’s accounting and finance features or integrating software, using Impexium’s AMS brings with it a few key benefits. The Impexium AMS allows for the seamless flow of financial data to and from your organization.

Ensure everyone is working with the same financial information

When you use Impexium, everyone across your entire organization will be working with the same accounting and finance data. No more concerns over some people basing decisions on and working with last quarter’s – or even last week’s – financials.

Analyze your association’s accounting and financial information

Connect your finances to your membership database, and gain insight into your membership with that financial data. Impexium provides powerful business intelligence tools with its integration with Microsoft Power BI. As a result, you can make data-driven decisions based on your organization’s financial information, taking you to the next level at an exponential rate. 

With Impexium’s powerful AMS, you will have all the tools you need to analyze your financial data, draw key conclusions from reports, and quickly pivot to put what you’re learning into action. 

Eliminate redundant accounting tasks and automate workflows

Impexium gives you the tools to automate your association’s financial operations. Our integration with Microsoft Power Automate helps eliminate the redundant tasks that steal your time and wear you down. Using conditions and logic, you can set up triggers and sequences that eliminate manual labor. One example would be after a member buys something on your online store. Using Impexium, you can set up an automated sequence for how your operation handles the financial side of this transaction – from payment processing to custom invoicing to adding fields within your member database.

Automation is a key way to free up time, energy, brainpower, and resources among your teams. With your automations running like a well-oiled machine, staff members can leave behind boring, repetitive tasks and take action on the urgent needs of the day.

Search transactions

Do you need to gain clarification or nail down details of a specific transaction? Impexium knows the value in tracking down particulars without wasting time. That’s why we’ve made transaction records easily searchable. Grab what you need quickly and get right back to what you were doing. Search transactions by type, GL account, date created, date billed, date approved, date printed, date posted, and many more.

Create robust reports and dashboards

With easily accessible reports and dashboards always just a few clicks away, you can keep everything you need to know right at the tip of your fingers. By leveraging recent advancements in mobile technology, we’ve made it easier than ever to gain insight into your association—even on the go.

Membership Management with Impexium’s AMS

Impexium’s association management software (AMS) provides more than just accounting and finance solutions. We also provide you with all the tools you need to drive your day-to-day operations, manage and organize your membership, and give you the space to focus on what you do best: create value for your members. 

With Impexium, you’ll be able to reduce redundant tasks and give your team more time to focus on managing and engaging members. We’ll help you:

  • Track member dues and/or renewals
  • Provide members with self-service portals to manage their memberships, make payments, and so forth
  • Assign member types and statuses
  • Organize committees and local chapters
  • Sell online merchandise
  • Track certifications
  • Conduct fundraising
  • Plan events

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You may never know what’s truly possible for your association until you’re using the best possible association management software (AMS) to maximize your opportunities. This is particularly true when it comes to your association’s bottom line. 

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  • “So we really liked the idea that the new AMS system was planning on doing quarterly releases of new features and functionality, and that they would be putting out this roadmap so we’d be able to take a look at what was coming and give them feedback on what was most critical to us.”

    Michigan Chamber of Commerce

Let Us Show You What's Possible With Impexium

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