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Discover how Impexium Talk (I-Talk) transforms the association management experience, bringing joy and simplicity to daily tasks. With enhanced usability and interactive guidance, I-Talk revolutionizes AMS, turning routine chores into engaging experiences. Say what you need, and let I-Talk show you the best way to achieve it.

Smarter, Simpler Workdays for Every Level of Your Organization

I-Talk enables association staff to effortlessly navigate and interact with Impexium by providing answers to questions and requests about the platform’s features and functionality.

In doing so, Impexium Talk simplifies the staff’s ability to perform day-to-day tasks, allowing them to focus on what’s important, your members.

Impexium Talk redefines what one
can achieve in a day’s work

  • “Impexium Talk is the catalyst that propels ease of use to unprecedented heights, seamlessly integrating technology with human interaction.”

    Greg Amdur
    SVP, Client Success at Impexium
  • “With I-Talk, association professionals can leverage Impexium’s power as easily as talking to their best friend.”

    Paul Edelmann
    CEO at Impexium
  • “I-Talk allows users to accomplish tasks and navigate Impexium with ease, enabling teams to focus on higher-value initiatives.”

    Patrick Dorsey
    SVP of Marketing at Impexium

An Example of How Impexium Talk
Makes Your Work Life Easier

Impexium Talk plays a crucial role in assisting new staff during the onboarding process to learn how to use Impexium’s platform effectively and create memorable experiences for your members. Here’s how:

Instant Assistance

Provide instant assistance to new staff members whenever they have questions or need guidance on using Impexium. I-Talk offers real-time support 24/7, reducing dependency on human resources and ensuring continuous learning.

Interactive Learning

Engage new staff in interactive learning experiences by simulating conversations and scenarios related to AMS usage. New staff can ask questions and ask for instruction in a conversational manner, making the learning process more engaging and effective.

Not sure how to create a free event in Impexium? Ask Impexium Talk.

Task Automation

Impexium Talk can automate routine tasks and workflows within the AMS, allowing new staff members to focus more on learning essential concepts and processes. I-Talk will assist with data entry, report generation, scheduling tasks, and other repetitive activities, saving time and effort.

On-Demand Training

Access to on-demand training modules and tutorials directly within I-Talk’s interface. New staff members can access relevant learning resources, step-by-step guides, and video tutorials as per their learning pace and preferences.

Integration With Impexium

I-Talk is seamlessly integrated with Impexium, allowing staff members to perform actions directly from the chat interface. They can retrieve member data, update records, schedule meetings, and perform other AMS-related tasks without switching between different applications.

Learn More

Impexium Talk beta is available for Impexium clients participating in the beta program. If you would like your organization to participate in future stages of the Impexium Talk beta program, please contact your client success manager or fill out the contact form below.