The Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) & Impexium

About AsMA

The Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) is the largest professional organization in the fields of aviation, space, and environmental medicine. The AsMA membership includes aerospace and hyperbaric medical specialists, scientists, flight nurses, physiologists, and researchers from all over the world.

Impexium is the AMS provider for AsMA. They described Impexium as a modern, sophisticated, and user friendly membership management solution. Read the full story about why AsMA partnered with us.

The Problem

AsMA Needed A New AMS to Better Serve Members

The Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) made the decision to buy their first Association Management System back in 2010, and soon began to realize they needed an upgrade to better serve their members. Jeff Sventek, Executive Director at AsMA, shared that “it was clear to me, as the Executive Director, that we needed to serious consider Impexium.” It was more “modern, user-friendly, and intuitive.”

The Solution

Impexium Brought AsMA Into
the Future of AMS Technology


Time For An Upgrade

After reaching the maximum capability with their legacy AMS, AsMA knew they had to implement a new software that would lead their organization into the future.


User-Friendly Software

With over 2,000 members from 70 different nations, it was extremely important for AsMA’s next Association Management Solution (AMS) to be user-friendly for members and staff.


Sophisticated & Modern

AsMA had one of the first looks at the new Impexium product. Jeff found it to be “more sophisticated, more modern, and more intuitive” than they had been exposed to before.


An Easy Transition

Transitioning to Impexium was a seamless process and has been “well received from both members and staff.” 

Our Partnership

How AsMA & Impexium Work Together

Jeff declared that the whole company, CEO to technicians, have “been fantastic to work with.” And said that Impexium “came to us with a product and an idea we weren’t even considering at the time.” They were happy to make the switch.

AsMA was one of Impexium’s first customers. And we’re looking forward to working together well into the future.

“When I saw Impexium it was clear as the ED that this is something we needed to seriously consider. I found it to be more sophisticated, more modern and we made a quick decision to make the transition to Impexium.”

Jeff Sventek AsMA
Jeff Sventek
Executive Director at AsMA

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