Committee & Chapter Management

Committees & Chapters

Create and manage an unlimited number of committees, chapters and SIGs including positions, terms, documents, and nominations.


  • Track participation of committee members – current and historic. 
  • Track nominations of committee participants.
  • Set-up automatic expiration dates for specific positions.
  • Produce committee rosters and easily communicate with members and staff.

Committee Leadership

Via the online member portal, allow committee leadership to interface with the committee and individual members.

  • Link each member to their committee’s profile page.
  • Allow members to view committee details and manage their profile based on their role with the committee.
  • Allow committee to communicate with committee roster via email.
  • Upload and distribute committee minutes and documents.

Chapter Management

  • Define, manage and track unlimited chapters.
  • Automate chapter assignment upon joining or membership renewals.
  • Assign separate general ledger account for chapters and charge chapter dues.
  • Allow chapter administrators access to manage members and chapter details.

AMS Software

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The Impexium Advantage

Impexium’s membership management platform allows organizations to create, manage and track various groups — chapters, components, regions, tasks forces, committees and special interest groups and more.

Manage Committees

Configure and manage an unlimited number of committees with separate governance structures, subcommittees, committee positions, service start/end dates and reports.

Access Chapter Data

Allow chapter leadership access to specific reports, queries, rosters and dashboards.

Drive New Membership

Drive new membership and opportunities for engagement with automation and self-service options.

Hear from an Impexium Client...

  • “…very excited because of the possibilities that I see for NADA moving forward, the ability to give our executives the information, any intelligence that they need in order to help our members better…the ability to simplify the whole application ecosystem, removing unbelievable complexity and bringing simplicity to the application.”

    National Automobile Dealers Association

Let Us Show You What's Possible With Impexium

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