Making Sense of Member Data: 3 Immediate Benefits of Better Data Management

These days, data is currency. But for many membership organizations, managing their member data is often seen as overwhelming rather than the helpful resource it can be. 

How do you utilize the wealth of data you have on your members and leverage it to your best advantage? 

It all starts with good member data management. 

A robust AMS software can provide you with the means for seamless membership data acquisition, organization, and analytics, which help improve how an association functions.

Today, we’re here to show you how.

Managing Your Current Member Data

Associations are dealing with an enormous wealth of data. The more your association membership grows, the more variables you’ll have. 

Your member data can tell you:

  • What people are reading
  • What links they’re clicking
  • What classes or events they’re attending
  • What they’re saying on the community site
  • What people are buying

All these behaviors produce information that you can use, but often there’s a disconnect between what the data’s saying and the decisions being made. 


There’s a huge difference between understanding the importance of data and making it a priority in your organization. Every business needs experts responsible for analyzing pertinent data and helping inform employee decision-making…By making data a focal point of your team’s strategic thinking, and using it to craft smart organizational policies, leaders can safeguard their businesses against unnecessary failure, and ensure that the company makes more good decisions than bad. (Harvard Business Review)


In most cases, the issue many associations run into is not awareness, but implementation

All the data is there, and most associations know that the data is important, but it can be overwhelming to know how to access it, how to organize it, and what to do with the information. 

This is where Impexium’s premium AMS service really shines. 

Organizing All Your Member Data in One Place

Good data management always starts with organizing all your data in one place. Only then can you truly see the big picture and decide on the next steps. 

Impexium’s AMS provides painless database migration and top-notch integration features, making it easy to integrate with other platforms. 

When this happens, your member database becomes the single source of truth for your association. All the data from your services and platforms can be collected and analyzed in one place so that it can be leveraged in powerful ways. 

This allows you to enjoy three distinct benefits.

3 Immediate Benefits of Better Data Management

When you have a plan in place to manage your member data (not to mention powerful AMS tools at your disposal), you will see the immediate benefits of good member data management.



Impexium makes it possible not only to gather all your member data into one central location, but also to create reports, charts, and graphs to visualize and understand it. With these tools, you can get the whole team on the same page and make informed decisions that increase member engagement and support your vision and purpose. 


Best of all, our visualization tools are so clear and easy to understand that  you don’t have to have a PhD to understand the data.



With a wealth of member data available for analysis at the click of a button, there will be no more dithering about next steps or agonizing about which path is the right one. 

With Impexium’s AMS, you can make data-driven decisions that will benefit your association, draw new members, and keep existing members engaged.

You can act with confidence, knowing that your decisions are reliably data-informed. 



Nobody wants to do tedious and unnecessary work. That’s where the power of automation comes in.

Based on the data-driven decisions you’ve made, you can easily set up automations that will get the job done while taking a weight of work off your shoulders. 

Helpful automations can include:

Onboarding email sequence. Welcome members and get them engaged quickly.

Segmented, personalized member communications. Ensure each active member is getting information that is of the utmost importance to them. 

Nudges to increase member engagement. Send reminders to visit online member communities, post on message boards, pay dues, or sign up for certifications or volunteer opportunities.

Reengagement campaigns. Does a user seem to be dropping away? Create a strategy and set up automated alerts and communication to reach out to them before they cancel. 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

The Bottom Line

With Impexium’s powerful member data management tools, you can use your data wisely to see better results. At the same time, your entire team—particularly the IT team—will experience less stress. 

You don’t need a fancy degree to understand your data. You just need the right tools.

And Impexium has what you need. 

Learn more about how Impexium can empower your entire staff to make data-driven decisions. Request a demo today!

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