Reports, Dashboards & BI

Reports, Dashboards & BI

Access baseline reports, a drag-and-drop query builder, interactive dashboards, and visualizations or the Impexium Data Powerhouse to support your analytics and business intelligence needs.

Data Management

A powerful, flexible array of data management, reporting and data visualization tools that simplify an association’s ability to actively update, manage and analyze data and make critical information more accessible and actionable.

Reports & Queries

  • 100+ baseline reports
  • Schedule and distribute queries to anyone — staff, committee members, the Board or individuals outside the organization.
  • Instant access to relevant data, including custom fields, with drag-and-drop query builder.

Dashboards & Analytics

Our “Analyze & Visualize” suite allows associations the ability to quickly build, edit, filter and share dashboards and visualizations. Impexium’s analytics functionality supports a wide spectrum of data visualization for business intelligence — from exploratory data analysis and dashboarding to embedded visual analytics.

  • Drill-down into interactive dashboard and visualizations to explore the details behind the numbers
  • Render critical data into compelling histograms, bar charts, graphs and interactive maps
  • Embed visualizations in other applications, infographics and web pages
  • Monitor and track progress against your organization’s most important KPIs from anywhere, on any device.
  • Gain greater visibility into business performance, build confidence in the numbers, make date-informed decisions and increase buy-in and accountability throughout the organization.

Impexium’s Data Powerhouse

To take your data analysis and reporting to a higher level, Impexium’s Data Powerhouse allows associations to unify and analyze all the data associated with your organization. The information from multiple, often unrelated, sources and databases can be blended with the transaction, historical and demographic data in Impexium’s AMS. The Data Powerhouse (a data warehouse) provides context and can help clarify the relationship between individual data points for a better understanding of what the information means, and how to make the analysis actionable.


Dashboard can be easily customized to specific roles within an association or to roles outside of its four walls.

Data Visuals

Data visualizations take the decision-making process to another level. Quickly and easily dive into the data, visualize results and move forward with confidence.

Easy Access

Everyone from the executive team to individual work functions to volunteer chapter leaders have access to a snapshot at any moment on any device.

Generate Reports

Eliminate the need to rely on data specialists and allow staff to generate powerful reports on trends and the health of the organization.

Hear from an Impexium Client...

  • “The ability to easily analyze data within the AMS helps our association more effectively drive decisions to remain member-focused. Impexium’s intuitive queries, drill-down dashboards and visualizations allow staff to explore the details behind the numbers. The best part, these analytic tools are baseline and do not require us to build and maintain a bunch of expensive custom reports.”

    Aerospace Medical Association

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