Membership Analytics

Membership Analytics With Impexium’s AMS

Gain insight and intelligence into your association with powerful membership analytics. Impexium’s Association Management Software (AMS) provides robust, intuitive analytics tools to capture and analyze your membership data. You can make better, smarter decisions about how to engage, retain, and increase your membership. Knowledge is power. Impexium gives you the tools to access it.

Benefits of Impexium’s Membership Analytics

No matter your current size, your association can benefit from Impexium’s top-notch AMS and analytics insights. Using our reporting tools, dashboards, and business intelligence tools, your association can better engage and grow your membership.

Boost Member Growth and Engagement 
Find New Ways to Engage Members
Improve Member Experience
Grow Non-Dues Revenue
Drive Membership Growth

Boost Member Growth and Engagement 

You can never get too much of a good thing. With high-quality reporting and data analytics, you can accurately measure current member engagement in every facet of your association. You’ll know exactly what is working best and can give your members even more of what they love.

Find New Ways to Engage Members

Learning what works and doesn’t work for your members is merely step one. 

Our data visualizations and reports do more than just reveal potential gaps. They also give your entire team access to the resources they need in order to spin up new and engaging ideas.

Improve Member Experience

One of the reasons your members joined your association was because they wanted access to the resources and community you offer. From the moment they join and begin onboarding, your job is continually to provide value for them. 

With Impexium’s analytics tools, you can find the content and resources they will love. Whether it be events, trainings, webinars, or virtual town halls, you will have the intelligence to provide for your membership. As a result, your association’s member experience improves and heightens. And member retention becomes a breeze. You become a constant source of delight in their lives, keeping them engaged and involved over the long haul.

Grow Non-Dues Revenue

By exploring the details behind your numbers, you can discover and optimize non-dues revenue streams for your association. Some examples may be: 

  • Affiliate programs
  • Webinar opt-ins
  • Merchandise
  • Certifications
  • Event registration

Tracking, compiling, and analyzing your membership data with Impexium’s AMS can open previously unidentified or underutilized financial vistas worth exploring.

Drive Membership Growth

Your analytics are the key to understanding what value your current members are finding in your organization—and that, in turn, helps you identify the value propositions and pain points that will draw new members into your orbit. 

What do your current members value?

  • Growth/education
  • Identity/belonging
  • Accountability
  • Community 

Impexium’s Membership analytics will help you uncover these answers so that you can leverage them to drive marketing efforts for membership growth.

AMS Software

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Impexium’s Powerful Features for Analytics

Impexium’s AMS contains powerful features to help you measure your membership analytics.

Data Management

Your data is incredibly valuable, and Impexium treats it as the treasure it is. 

Not only will we help you acquire, validate, store, protect, and analyze your association’s data, but we will also ensure its ongoing accessibility, reliability, and accuracy so that you always have what you need at the tips of your fingers.

In addition, our highly-configurable reports and data-visualization tools are simple and intuitive, making critical information more accessible than ever.

Reports and Queries

With Impexium’s membership analytics tools, you’ll have more than 100 baseline reports at your disposal, saving you time and energy in generating reports. 

You’ll also enjoy the simplicity of our drag-and-drop query builder. Perhaps best of all, you have the power to schedule and distribute queries to anyone from the top down, from your staff to committee members, to individuals outside your organization.

Dashboards and Analytics

Personalized membership analytics dashboards, by role or department, synthesize information from multiple sources and give you and your team everything you want in one place. 

Better yet, with the Analyze and Visualize suite, you can quickly build, edit, filter, and share dashboards and visualizations with individuals outside of your team and organization.

Business Intelligence with Microsoft Power BI

Impexium’s AMS integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Power BI, granting you powerful insights to guide your decision-making process. 

This integration allows you to capture data in real-time, analyze data from a variety of sources, spot membership trends, and gain other insights by which you can make well-informed data-driven decisions.

Streamlined Access

Everyone on your team—from executives to team leaders to volunteers—can have access at any time. They don’t even need to log in from a specific type of device! 

With an all-access pass to insights on the go, your association has never had more power at its disposal.

Impexium’s Powerful Features Drive Insight

Your association can greatly benefit from the ability to analyze membership behavior. But if you don’t have the proper systems and software in place to do so, your best opportunities for growth could be slipping through your fingers. 

Impexium’s AMS prevents that from happening. Our membership analytic tools will help you gain the insight you need to make important decisions and drive member engagement.


Membership analytics helps you to understand your members:

How are your engagement levels?

Who’s opening your emails, logging into the member portal, and commenting on the message boards—and what type of content is prompting them to do so?

Who is likely to renew or not?

Targeting those who seem likely to drop off and engaging with them directly can provide points of connection that keep them involved over the long haul.

Where are you seeing conversions on purchases or registrations?

 Learn to maximize those opportunities and drop other strategies that aren’t working.

What are current member needs?

After the onboarding process, members will naturally gravitate to what they feel they need most, whether that be products, training, solutions, or community. Tracking this data allows you to focus your energies on what existing members currently want or need most.

The Power of Data Visualization

Visuals help you to make connections between actions and revenue.

While data points on their own can sometimes seem dry and difficult for some people to process, simple-to-create visualizations tell the story behind the numbers:

  • Interactive maps
  • Histograms
  • Bar charts
  • Graphs

Such visuals can prompt fast and strong gut reactions, making them effective communication tools throughout your organization. They can help you analyze what actions, activities, or programs lead loyal members to keep coming back. And how can you maximize every opportunity to leverage those aspects of your association.

Membership analytics with Impexium’s AMS provides all you need to empower all levels of decision-makers in your organization to make confident, data-informed decisions that lead to increased enrollment and more engaged members.

Hear from an Impexium Client...

  • “The ability to easily analyze data within the AMS helps our association more effectively drive decisions to remain member-focused. Impexium’s intuitive queries, drill-down dashboards and visualizations allow staff to explore the details behind the numbers. The best part, these analytic tools are baseline and do not require us to build and maintain a bunch of expensive custom reports.”

    Aerospace Medical Association

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