Impexium Unveils “Impexium Talk”

Impexium’s New, Conversational AI Helps Associations Achieve Their Mission

Impexium, the leading provider of association management system (AMS) software today announced the launch of Impexium Talk (I-Talk).

Impexium Talk empowers association executives to effortlessly navigate their AMS using their native language. This enables seamless access to core membership management functions, interaction with intuitive dashboards, and the ability to deliver world-class support to association members.

With I-Talk, association professionals can leverage Impexium’s power as easily as talking to their best friend.”

Paul Edelmann
CEO at Impexium

Impexium Talk utilizes the latest, proven, and powerful Natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and Large Language Model (LLM) technologies.

I-Talk uses AI to make person-to-software interactions natural, efficient, and intuitive. This is a game changer in membership management.”

Patrick Dorsey
SVP of Marketing at Impexium

Impexium clients can sign up for early access to Impexium Talk beta today and experience the future of membership management firsthand.

Discover how Impexium Talk can enhance your team’s efficiency, improve member experiences, and maximize the ROI of your AMS investment at

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