Awards Management

Awards Management

Certifications, Submissions & Awards

Create and track certification programs, submissions, awards, and abstracts. Impexium’s awards management software allows you to manage courses, education credits, approval processes, recipients, nominations, and more. Unlock tons of funding opportunities by incentivizing your members to raise money for the association with an awards program. 

Certification Programs

Track continuing education and certification programs as well as member/customer participation in certification, continuing education and training programs.

  • Establish various requirements for each individual certification.
  • Automate assignment of credits and allow a manual override for special circumstances and specific roles.
  • Track certification requirements, such as educational background, work experience and exams.
  • Identify candidate progression through various programs to monitor certification and recertification cycles.
  • Assign fees for various programs and create invoices via Impexium’s centralized accounts receivable system.
  • Allow members and customers to manage and download certificates and educational transcripts. If applicable, allow individuals to update credits and test scores via member portal.

Abstract & Submission Management

Efficiently manage your association’s abstract, call-for-papers and awards applications. Designate custom workflows to support the application, review and acceptance processes.

  • Manage requests for abstracts or papers, including online submissions.
  • Standardize forms and set requirements for abstract submissions — ensuring complete, accurate entries.
  • Allow staff, members and designated individuals to track the process online.
  • Schedule abstracts for presentation at event or conference sessions.

Awards Management

  • Track multiple award programs concurrently, including entry submission, scoring and award distribution.
  • Manage each applicant, from award entries through the judging process.
  • Affiliate multiple individuals or organizations to a single awards program.
  • Track award submission fees.
  • Track the various stages of judging, calculate scores for each phase and determine final award recipients.
  • Track committees related to each award.

AMS Software

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The Impexium Advantage

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Continuing Education Credits

Associates continuing education credits (ex. CEs & CEUs) with events and automatically assign credit based on attendance or other organization defined criteria.

Track Credit History

Tracks credit history, including credits issued, test date, test type, score, result, rank or any other information relevant to your associations and members.

Manage Submissions

Create and manage submission life-cycle including calls, proposals, review and approvals. You can also set-up and manage unlimited awards including nominees, nominations and judges.

Track Engagement

Replace convoluted email chains, spreadsheets, and version tracking. Provide a comprehensive view of the entire process and access all materials in one location.

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  • “The pro of a SaaS solution, like Impexium, is that the more input the system gets from customers and the marketplace, the better it is going to be for us. They will continue to add features and functionality that are going to play into all the needs that we have.”

    Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society
  • “The support and professionalism of Impexium throughout the implementation process was essential to achieving a successful launch of our AMS initiative and re-confirmed our excitement about the platform and our partnership.”

    U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association

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