Work Where You Are with the Microsoft Outlook Add-in

Impexium has (unofficially) declared 2023 the year of using your AMS to work smarter, not harder. From automating repetitive tasks to seamless integrations we’re making it easy for staff to focus on what matters most—members. 

One such way Impexium can help staff boost productivity, without adding extra hours to the day, is with the Microsoft Outlook 365 Add-in. This functionality allows staff to access data from Impexium without ever leaving their Outlook inbox.

Impexium Add-In for Outlook 365 also allows staff to:

  • View existing Impexium customer records while in Outlook
  • Add individuals to Impexium directly from Outlook
  • Log messages on customer records and add follow-up activities and notifications all from Outlook.

In short, the Impexium Add-In for Outlook 365 provides users with greater efficiency and streamlined member management.

Search, Access, and Update Records in Impexium from Outlook

Tired of copying and pasting and toggling from one system to another? We get it. Now, staff can search and access Impexium contact records as well as group (such as committee) records from their desktop, web browser, or mobile app.

Search by individual name, email, organization roster, committee participation, membership type, or even event registrant.

Staff can add contacts from Outlook to create new records in Impexium. Additionally, they can view or append existing Impexium customer records directly from their inbox. The integration also allows users to log messages on member records, add follow-up activities plus notifications without having to go in-between systems, or even be logged into Impexium.

Real-Life Microsoft Outlook Add-In Use Case

A committee meeting scheduled for next week suddenly must be canceled. Members must be informed immediately. No need to pull reports, search directories, or try to remember everyone on that particular committee (let alone recall their most up-to-date information). Simply look up the group from Outlook and email all of them in minutes.

It gets better. With a simple click of a button, the correspondence can be logged onto each member’s record. Plus, you can add a notification, so if they login to your website, they will be notified of the new date. Want to make extra sure each committee member is informed? From Outlook, you can add a task for a team member to call each person.

What once would have taken hours of searching, reporting, copying and pasting, and switching between systems, can now swiftly be accomplished in minutes from Outlook. Can we get an ohhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh?

Create a Convenient Work Environment for Executives and Staff

The Impexium Add-In for Outlook 365 provides staff with a better user experience with improved efficiency and increased productivity. It eliminates the need for cumbersome manual data entry and provides real-time updates so that staff always have the most up-to-date information.  

In fact, Impexium Project Manager Carole Herzog referred to the add-in as “The most underused feature in Impexium.” She stated, “It’s incredibly valuable, intuitive, and a major timesaver. Once clients get it, they wonder how they ever managed without it!”

Learn more about Impexium and Microsoft Add-Ins and reach out to your Client Success manager today to get started.

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