How to Increase Revenue with Automation

Every day we use automation in our personal lives to save time, money, and energy. Perhaps:

  • Your coffee pot starts brewing before you even wake up.
  • Amazon delivers your laundry detergent every six weeks like clockwork.
  • Your children’s devices are locked down thanks to parental controls.

Why not streamline manual tasks in your work life as well? Impexium and Microsoft Power Automate can help you boost productivity from administrative functions to business processes to marketing automation, and more.


Get Started with the Abandoned Shopping Cart

It’s happened to all of us. You add a product to your shopping cart but get interrupted before checking out. Suddenly your inbox is full of emails reminding you of this horrific gaffe. Corporate entities send these automatic reminders for a reason. They work. And they can work for your association as well.


You’re missing a revenue opportunity if you aren’t using the Abandoned Shopping Cart Workflow.

When members leave items in their carts, use automation to encourage them to complete the purchase. Impexium has pre-built templates, so you can set up the reminders once and let the magic happen behind the scenes. You decide when and how frequently the emails are sent. Even the most non-technical audiences can adjust the setup as needed.

And don’t stop with email reminders. Automatically drop this audience into an email marketing campaign to promote similar products and events.

Pro tip: Think beyond products. Use the Abandoned Shopping Cart automation for membership renewals, conference registrations, and PAC donations.

Ready to get started? Contact your Client Success Manager.


Smart ways to boost productivity.

Instantly reminding members to make a purchase is just one of the many ways to say goodbye to busy work. Put an end to constantly running lists, uploading suppression reports, and manually moving data between systems.

With Impexium and Microsoft Power Automate, you can use low-code (and in some cases no code) drag-and-drop tools and pre-built connectors to automate mundane tasks and paperless processes.  

Other automation ideas include:

New Member Onboarding: The minute a new member joins your association, drop them into an onboarding campaign. Now all members will receive a warm welcome and timely information about benefits.

Renewals: Without adding to your to-do list, remind members it is time to renew 90 days out, 60 days out, and 30 days out. If members still don’t renew, a task can automatically be created for a member services representative to call them.

Events: Automatically put members who register for your annual conference into a campaign for registrants and remove them from the promotions campaign. No more accidentally sending those who have committed an invitation to sign up.

Member Termination: When members don’t renew, instantly update their custom fields, take away member-only access, remove them from committees, and take them off marketing lists with ease.

It’s never been easier to automate the mundane, so you can spend more time focusing on what matters most—your members. Learn more about Impexium and Power Automate and reach out to your Client Success manager today to get started.