4 Marketing Automation Benefits Your Association Can Access Right Now

Marketing automation software allows you to streamline your association’s workflow and get more done with less effort. 

With the right association management software (AMS) in place, you can simplify complex business processes to make your digital marketing more targeted and efficient. 

In short, you can enjoy a higher ROI while still decreasing your time spent at the computer. 

What Is Automated Marketing and How Does It Work?

Automated marketing software is programmed to automatically run an action in response to a trigger or when certain conditions are met. 

For example, when a website visitor downloads a media kit, a staff person receives a notification email and the visitor’s contact information is added to a prospective advertiser list. Or you could use marketing automation tools to expand your following on social media and increase the brand awareness of your association. Social media marketing is made simple when you are able to automate your posts to go out on certain days on different platforms.

Your association can access all these benefits and more thanks to marketing automation software—even if you’re not particularly techy. With the right system in place, you’ll never need to write a single line of code! 

Modern AMS solutions, including Impexium, come with pre-built templates for many common automation scenarios, making it easier than ever to revamp your marketing strategy by creating automated workflows using simple drag-and-drop tools. You don’t have to rely on outside developers or the IT team to take advantage of automation.

Today we’re going to show you how easy it is to make Impexium’s premium marketing automation benefits work for your marketing team. 

In this post, you will learn how Impexium’s AMS tools will help you

  • Create and employ effective email marketing strategies that maximize your marketing effort
  • Seamlessly integrate your AMS with your existing platforms
  • Automate education course enrollment and progress tracking
  • Boost engagement in your online communities without adding to your workload

Best of all, you can get started today.

Benefit 1: Streamlined Email Marketing with Marketing Automation

A marketing automation strategy simplifies and enhances email marketing campaigns for associations. 

Automated marketing processes will allow marketers to better:

  • Gain insights into your members (including interests, behaviors, etc.)
  • Create a target audience for your marketing emails to meet each member exactly where they are
  • Set up complex, highly targeted marketing campaigns that can run automatically 
  • Enjoy the highest ROI from each marketing task

Streamline Email Creation and Scheduling Processes

With more than 4 billion email users active globally, the importance of email marketing and scheduling cannot be overstated. 

However, creating and scheduling marketing emails are both tasks that can prove time consuming, especially if you are not currently using a system that involves some level of automation. 

With Impexium’s premium marketing automation platform at your disposal, however, it is easy to set up parameters that will automate personalized email content based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Member preferences
  • Unique interests. 
  • Specific behaviors

Once you automate your email marketing process, you can eliminate many of your manual tasks. The AMS system does the tedious work for you, turning repetitive tasks into multistep workflows—and reducing human error, too, which is a nice bonus.

Reap the Benefits of Automating Personalized Email Communications

Along with streamlining your processes for email creation and scheduling, a good AMS system will allow you to use specific criteria (such as members’ interests and behaviors) to divide your email subscribers into smaller, more selective segments. 

Then, rather than just sending the same general marketing messages to everyone, you can target your campaigns very intentionally to give different customers exactly what they want every time. This will only serve to further increase your value in their eyes. 

Improved member segmentation and targeting for better campaign effectiveness can lead your association to enjoy: 

  • Increased member engagement and response rates
  • Higher overall revenue 
  • Greater customer loyalty

Set Up Targeted Automated Email Workflows

With AMS, setting up targeted automated email workflows that follow best practices is simple, especially if you know exactly which group you want to target and what you want that automated workflow to accomplish for you.

  1. Set up an email automation welcome series. When someone joins your association or becomes a new member of your network, an automated email welcome series will greet them and introduce them to the association’s benefits.
  2. Design automated onboarding emails. Guide new members through the association’s offerings and help them figure out how and where they can best get connected and begin to connect and explore. 
  3. Promote events. With the power of a marketing automation solution, you can set your parameters so that when someone registers for a specific event, they stop receiving registration promotions. Instead, they receive emails about pre-event virtual meetups or exhibiting tips, depending on their registration type. If someone abandons the registration process, an automated follow-up email encourages them to go back and finish. After a customer purchases a product, a few weeks later, they receive an email suggesting similar content, products, and/or events.
  4. Send timely membership renewal reminders. Incentivise and encourage member retention by setting automated messages to send as membership expiration dates approach. Because this is done through automations, there’s no need for you to keep track of the dates yourself. Just set up the system and let it do the work for you.

These are just a few examples of the types of targeted workflows you can set up. Once you have Impexium working for you, you’ll be amazed to discover all you’ll be able to do. 

Benefit 2: Seamless Integration with Marketing Automation Platforms

Impexium’s AMS offers seamless integration with your current marketing platforms. 

Integrating your AMS with marketing platforms like CRM systems or your marketing automation tool allows you to centralize your member data, pooling it all in one place. 

Automation expands your marketing capabilities by providing hands-off personalized treatment at scale.

Enjoy improved member profiling

The more you know about the individuals in your organization, the more effectively you can set up systems and structures that will help you make the most of each contact.

As one example, for a new member onboarding email campaign, you can set triggers that respond automatically to the recipient’s clicks. Depending on the links they click, they’re tagged by size of business, position, or career stage. In future emails, you can send even more targeted, relevant information.

Streamline marketing efforts

Integration naturally leads to actionable insights. 

These insights can be leveraged to best advantage to 

  • Craft personalized messages. With 1 in 6 emails ending up a spam folder, email personalization is your best defense to avoid such a fate. 
  • Establish targeted campaigns. Key insights allow you to create more engaging content and deliver specific recommendations to various segments of your list.
  • Enjoy more efficient lead management. Implementing things like automated lead scoring and follow-up sequences help you make the most of each lead. 

Move prospects through the conversion funnel

The best way to move contacts toward conversion is to nurture your leads with regular helpful content. But while lead nurturing is effective, doing it the old-fashioned way can prove labor-intensive. 

Fortunately, our marketing automation tools allow you to automate this process. An automated campaign for lead nurturing allows you to cultivate sales without wasted time or effort. 

For example, you can set up a system so that when a prospective member downloads a resource, they’re automatically put into a content marketing campaign designed to nurture membership leads who respond to that particular topic or approach. Every two weeks, new prospect information is sent to membership ambassadors who contact them to talk shop and chat about the association.

Your association can nurture relationships and serve members, customers, and prospects in a hands-off but personalized way—all through the power of customer data automation. 

Benefit 3: Enhanced Learning Management Systems (LMS) through Automation

Running training, certification, and continuing education programs through your association has never been easier than with premium automation tools. 

The benefits of integrating an AMS with LMS platforms include:

Automating course enrollment

Send automated reminders for upcoming courses or certification renewals. In addition, when someone completes a specific action, such as attending a webinar, you can automatically tag them for that interest and send a follow-up email recommending an upcoming program or article on the same topic. They will be invited to register for the course, and you can set up a similar workflow to follow completion of the course, keeping them moving through courses with automated enrollment opportunities.

Implementing progress tracking

With automation, you can create a seamless learning experience that both you and members can track. Automatically award certifications or badges upon completion of courses or milestones. Then, set up an automation that suggests the next step in the process, showing progress and reminding members how far they have to go before completion.

Personalizing learning journeys based on member interests and skills

Via automation tools, you can recommend relevant content or resources based on member preferences and previous engagements. Your centralized member data can be analyzed to automatically recommend relevant courses, send reminders, and nurture member engagement already available within your LMS ecosystem.

The same data you use to personalize your members’ journeys through your existing educational offerings can also be used to create and refine new courses. Because they’re based on insights into your current members’ behaviors, you can be sure you’re offering your members the best possible resources and tools. 

Benefit 4: Deepening Engagement in Online Communities with Automation

One of the best ways to retain association members is to keep them engaged in your online community. However, this is often easier said than done, especially if you’re not making use of automations.

Automating your workflows between your AMS and your online community platforms comes with distinct advantages.

Simplify and Streamline New Member Onboarding

As hinted above, Impexium’s premium AMS allows you to significantly streamline your member onboarding process. When new members join, they will automatically be sent targeted messages showing them exactly how and where to begin engaging in the community. 

Thanks to list segmentation, you can even further target and individualize these recommendations so that each new member receives information relating to what they would find most helpful or interesting.

Automate Content Delivery

You can also automate ongoing content delivery and track ongoing engagement within the community itself. Based on any given members’ activities or interests revealed by previous engagement in the community, you can set workflows that will trigger personalized notifications and recommendations.

Together with automated onboarding, automated content delivery will make it easier than ever to 

  • Encourage ongoing community engagement
  • Gain insights into what sort of content and/or approaches best drive engagement
  • Create even more engaging content as a result
  • Use segmenting to tailor communications according to member interests, roles, or expertise
  • Automate notifications for community events, discussions, or announcements
  • Build targeted community communications and foster collaboration among members 

In Summary

Though there are many reasons to consider marketing automation for AMS, key benefits include the following: 

  1. Streamlined email marketing 
  2. Seamless integration with marketing platforms
  3. Enhanced learning management systems (LMS)
  4. Deepened engagement in your online communities

Even better, automating your workflows associated with email marketing, marketing platforms, LMS, and online communities, allows you to make the most efficient use of your time and resources. 

With these important but time-consuming tasks running like background operations, you will be able to focus on the sort of vital, higher-level development that requires your full attention. 

Even when you’re busy doing what only you can do, you can rest assured that due to the power of marketing automations, you’ll still be enjoying enhanced member engagement, improved communication, and personalized member experiences.

Don’t wait another day. Grab this chance to leverage the power of automation on behalf of your association to drive growth, optimize operations, and foster a thriving member community.


See what’s possible with Impexium. Request a demo today. 

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  • “…Impexium has allowed us to significantly improve our processes and procedures. We’ve automated quite a lot with Impexium and removed a number of manual processes that we had before. And staff are very happy about that.”

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