Technology Can Energize Today’s Ideas to Fuel Tomorrow’s Success

Hear How This Technology Disruptor Embraces Technology For the Future.

To power game-changing ideas at your association, embrace technology that spurs innovation, creativity and passion. Read how technology can energize today’s ideas into fuel for tomorrow’s success.


  • Associations don’t get enough credit for their positive impact on education, the environment, healthcare…we take great satisfaction knowing we play a part in our client’s success as they impact lives around the globe.

    Patrick Dorsey
    Patrick Dorsey
    EVP of Marketing, Impexium

Embrace technology that spurs innovation, creativity, and passion

Innovation requires creativity, passion, and the right tools to execute the vision. When all of those things align, we land on the moon. When they don’t, we sit around stuck in the mud.

Impexium, the premier AMS (association management software) solution provider for professional societies and trade associations, understands that the best ideas need the best tools to make them a reality, and is dedicated to empowering forward-thinking organizations to thrive in a digital world.

Our goal is to deliver software that exceeds the expectations of today’s sophisticated association member. These association members are the same customers of Amazon, Bank of America, you name it. The bar is set high as these brands consistently invest in technology and resources necessary to deliver exceptional customer experiences. As a result, a membership management system also needs to be simple and intuitive to use—when they’re registering for an event, renewing their membership or learning about new legislation—to meet the same exceptional members experiences. The interaction with the association should be one, two, or at the most, three clicks as well as personalized to meet the needs of each member. That is what today’s members expect and our clients equally expect us to help them meet these expectations.

Patrick Dorsey

Delivering members what they need.

Delivering members the products, services and information they need—anytime, anywhere and to do it fast—relies on an association’s ability to capture, analyze and then act on their membership, historical and financial data, says Dorsey. It’s a task easier said than done, as anyone who has ever been tasked with digging through massive Excel spreadsheets can tell you.

Making data simple for associations.

“A consistent theme, whether you’re a big, medium or small association, is that organizations are typically overwhelmed with data. It almost becomes crippling to the process of decision-making. That’s why Impexium built an analytics suite of interactive dashboards that allows associations to better visualize the numbers, drill-down into the data to make better-informed decisions and then act on them quickly to meet the individual needs of the member and enable the association to achieve their long-term business goals.”

Data and workflow change is energizing, empowering, and…sometimes a little bit scary. Not everyone is thrilled about the notion of re-learning how to do something they’ve been doing the same way for the past 15 years. That’s why Impexium, as a SaaS-based AMS, puts an equal emphasis on service as it does software. “What resonates with our clients even more than the software is the service. We have several programs for association executives, from implementation to customer support, including becoming Impexium Certified, in place to drive adoption of the new AMS, leverage industry best practices and measure the ROI of their AMS investment. Once users feel confident about the new software, the floodgates to creativity can open.”

Making a positive impact.

And that’s what it’s all about for the people behind the scenes at Impexium. “Our staffers are inherently builders,” says Dorsey, “and we take great satisfaction in creating software and services that play a part in the success of our clients because all of them are doing great things and impacting lives around the globe. I don’t think associations get enough credit for their positive impact on education, the environment, healthcare and more. At Impexium, we’re happy to deliver the membership management platform and services necessary to make this impact and fulfill their mission.”

There are obvious markers of success—new customer acquisition, product sales—but enabling change-making associations to thrive is the highest benchmark in the Impexium culture. “We love to hear when our customers tell us, ‘Hey, we just had record attendance at the conference.’ Or ‘The renewal process couldn’t have been smoother.’ Those victories energize us. Today we won the battle, and tomorrow we’ll all wake up and do it all over again.”