Take a Break: Automate Email Marketing List Updates

Ensure only the right members are receiving your emails. You can now schedule automatic email marketing list updates directly from Impexium.  This ensures that your member communications (even those sent on the weekend or holidays) have the most accurate and current list of members. Learn how via the short video below.

This helps with:

Efficiency: Save time and redirect your energy towards creating engaging content (or enjoying your weekend).

Real-Time Relevance: Ensure your email marketing communications are always dynamic and targeted.

Strategic Scheduling: Schedule updates precisely when you need them for maximum impact.

Reduced Human Error: Minimize the risk of outdated or incomplete lists or simple oooops that happens to the best of us.

Enhanced Member Experience: Demonstrate commitment to timely and personalized communication.

Our step-by-step video walks you through the simple process of setting up automated list updates from Impexium to your email marketing platform.

Have a specific question? We can help! Contact your implementation lead or client success representative.