Simplify Your Payments, Data, and User Experience

When it comes to payment processing, do you ever think, there must be a better way? Are you frustrated by:

  • No integrated reporting
  • Time consuming reconciliations
  • Declining cash flow
  • Lack of data accountability

Anywhere Payments is a one-stop shop for full-service integrated payment processing. It allows you to easily accept, manage, and gain visibility into your association’s payments through a secure and convenient online portal.

Manage Everything in One Solution

Designed especially for Impexium customers, Anywhere Payments seamlessly integrates with Impexium. This allows you to set up payment options for various membership types, event registrations, and donations directly within Impexium. Members and donors can then make payments using a credit card or ACH transfer without having to navigate to a separate payment platform.

Enjoy Seamless Reconciliation

Anywhere Payments reconciles automated nightly settlement information with Impexium and enables the ability to easily reconcile bank deposits to transactions within Impexium. Exception based notifications ensures you know immediately if there are any discrepancies.

Trust Real-Time Data

Stop worrying about outdated information. Anywhere Payments reporting delivers real-time data on-demand. Plus, Anywhere Payments data can easily be merged with the historical, demographic and engagement data within Impexium for a full 360-degree view of individual and organization activities. This also means your support teams can answer member questions about payments—no need to send members to accounting!

Make Membership Renewals Easy

Multi-Year tokenization allows for recurring charges for memberships, subscriptions and additional recurring payment needs. Avoid missed payments and membership renewals due to expired tokens. Now you’ll spend less time chasing down payments and members won’t see their benefits dropped.

We Take Security & Compliance Seriously

Rest easy and assured that your payments and data are secured and protected with Anywhere Payments. Our solution is fully PCI-compliant, meaning that all payment information is securely encrypted and processed in accordance with industry standards.

Impexium Anywhere Payments also offers a range of features designed to improve the overall payment experience for members and donors and your staff. By streamlining the payment process and ensuring your payments and data are secure, associations can focus on what really matters—building meaningful relationships with their constituents.

Ready to make your life simpler? Learn more about Impexium Anywhere Payments and reach out to your Client Success manager today to get started.

Let Us Show You What's Possible With Impexium Anywhere Payments

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