Power BI

Create a data-driven culture with Power BI.

Your membership data is a deep well of information that can help your association innovate and grow. But deeply informed decision-making is only possible at scale if you have the tools to turn your data into insights for your business.

The Must-Have Tool For Associations

In today’s fast-paced environment, it’s no wonder Business Intelligence (BI) has become a must-have tool for associations. That’s why it’s a definite advantage that Impexium integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Power Platform. Impexium’s association management software (AMS) coupled with Power BI can help your association gain powerful insights that will help you make savvy, data-driven decisions.

About Power BI

Impexium’s AMS and  Power BI makes it easier than ever to help your association accomplish the following tasks:

Capture real-time data.

With Power BI, your association’s up-to-the-minute data is always available at the tips of your fingers. When your entire team has access to Power BI findings at all times, they’re never at a loss and can always make informed decisions.

Visualize insights.

Integrations with PowerPoint and Outlook provide powerful, easy-to-navigate options for data storytelling. By visualizing your data insights, you’re able to help your team more quickly and effectively catch your vision and pivot to action.

Analyze data from a variety of sources.

Until your data is centralized, the full implications of it do not become clear. Power BI centralizes your data, and allows you to see the full scope of your membership’s behavior.

Gain insights and make decisions.

Power BI makes it easy to identify and follow trends, offering you the sort of insights you need to make smart, forward-looking decisions.

Benefits of Power BI for Your Association

Your association can derive a number of benefits from accessing Power BI through Impexium’s association management software (AMS).

Get Started Right Away

Unlike some AMS systems, Impexium makes it easy to leverage business intelligence to grow your association. Maximizing Power BI’s features is possible with no/low coding experience and reduces dependence on your IT department. 

With Microsoft’s Power BI, striking visuals—including charts, graphs, and other graphics—are simple to create and share. Plus, the user learning curve is not very steep.  Quickly access your association’s most recent data and use it to communicate with your team to make informed decisions.

Spot Membership Trends

There’s a reason Power BI focuses on up-to-the-minute data. This type of data allows you to spot current trends and your current memberships’ behavior. Then, you can respond with quick, tactical pivots positioning your brand for success.

Respond to Financial Analysis

With Power BI, you can efficiently analyze trends related to: membership fees, renewals, donations, sales, and expenses. This financial analysis, in turn, will allow you to more accurately:

Forecast revenue

Use current data to predict how much money your association will likely bring in during the next subscription cycle, quarter, or fiscal year. From an informed position, you can make the best budgeting decisions.

Identify strong markets

Focus your energies on trends and demographics showing the likelihood of the greatest ROI. Through its powerful analytics features, Power BI can help you identify these opportunities.

Highlight areas that
need improvement

By collecting, combining, and organizing your data, you can better identify strengths—and weaknesses. With Power BI, you can accurately spot areas in which you can improve and strategize to address them.

Manage Your Data with Impexium and Power BI

With an efficient data-management tool like Microsoft’s Power BI, you can use your data to sharpen your association’s approach and get more out of your current efforts.

Boost Member Engagement

Tracking members’ engagement shows you who’s active, what they’re up to, and what that engagement looks like in the proper context. This can help you target your approach and keep members better engaged.

Analyze Fundraising Data

Within your Donor Dashboard, you can glean key insights about donors, track the performance of your fundraising campaigns, see what’s working, and hone your fundraising efforts based on the most recent data.

Track Events

When your data is centralized, it allows you to assess the big picture for your association’s events. This includes data such as: registration, volunteers, participation, and more. And when planning future events, you are going to be able to make informative decisions based on these detailed insights.

The Impexium Advantage

Simple to use, Impexium’s AMS is a powerful tool that will help you both scale and thrive as an organization. Thanks to Impexium and Microsoft’s Power Platform and Power BI, associations just like yours gain daily powerful insights into membership easily and quickly.

Come See What’s Possible with Impexium

Allow us to show you the power and simplicity of Impexium’s AMS. You’re going to love how it can help manage your data and lead to well-informed decisions.

To see how Impexium and Microsoft Power BI can bring actionable insights to bolster member experience, request a demo today.