Microsoft Power Automate

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Microsoft Power Automate

In the past, association management has involved a huge amount of redundant, administrative tasks. Your team would have to spend a large percentage of their uptime on drudgery. And this is just to keep the ship afloat. It does nothing to boost member engagement or move the business forward. 

With Impexium’s association management software, your association has the tools to automate. Impexium leverages Microsoft Power Automate to help your association streamline operations, saving you and your team time and energy along the way. Impexium enables you to automate the mundane and focus on membership engagement and growth.

Incorporating workflows and automation into your daily business practices enables you to meet your members’ technology expectations and make the member experience more consistent overall.

How Microsoft Power Automate Works

Part of the Microsoft Power Platform, Power Automate allows your association to build automated processes that can boost your efficiency exponentially. Rather than relying on manual systems to get things done, you can set up automations and allow them to do the heavy lifting on your behalf. 

And we’re not just talking about individual operations. With Microsoft Power Automate, it’s easy to build entirely AI-driven workflows. No more squandering brainpower and staff hours on simple but repetitive tasks. Microsoft’s AI Builder empowers low-code/no-code users to create end-to-end processes to streamline your daily operations and free you up to focus your time and energies elsewhere.

How Does Automation Benefit Your Organization?

Leveraging workflow and automation with Impexium delivers your association clear advantages.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Automating repetitive tasks frees up time for everyone on your team. In addition to lightening their mental load, automations will allow your team to get more done in less time, reducing operational costs across the board.

Common automations include:

  • Setting supply chain and shopping-cart functions
  • Generating meeting schedules
  • Sorting and responding to emails
  • Automatically copying files as PDF’s
  • Scheduling emails for specific, time-zone sends
  • Generating and sending reports
  • Backing up files

With these repetitive tasks running as automated operations, everyone in your association is better able to focus on what really matters.

Improve Member Experience

Impexium allows associations to make the member experience more consistent. With automated onboarding processes, invoicing, renewal notices, and more, you can ensure that your association meets members’ expectations. And continues to do so for the foreseeable future.

Boost Member Engagement

Even if your association has a lot to offer, if you don’t keep your members informed about the value of their membership, you risk losing them. That’s why improved communication through automated workflows is one of the easiest and least labor-intensive ways to boost member engagement. 

Impexium + Microsoft Power Automate allows you to automate workflows that will keep your association at the forefront of your members’ minds—without losing your own. 

Impexium + Power Automate = Streamlined Systems

Now, you can create automated workflows to connect Impexium to other services to get notifications, synchronize files, collect data, assign tasks, and so much more. 

Depending on what you need, there are different types of workflows you can create:

New Member Onboarding

When new members join your association, automation can take the lead, guiding their first steps and helping them learn how your association’s system works. 

The more quickly new members learn to access resources and engage with self-serve options, the more quickly they’ll feel connected to the association and the longer they’re more likely to stay. 

Automatic Emails with Responsive Triggers

From the moment new members onboard, automations can begin shepherding them, sorting them into lists and sending them a steady stream of member-specific emails, keeping them informed, in the loop, and engaged. 

With drag-and-drop tools, you can set triggers that will respond automatically to members’ behavior. This increases the probability that each member will get what they need to stay informed and engaged.

Membership Applications, Continuing Education and Certifications

While not every certification process can be fully automated without human oversight, a large chunk of the work can be automated, allowing you and your team to focus on the aspects of running your association that would most benefit from your direct engagement. 

Member applications—especially those including educational background, certifications, and employment history—can prove quite tedious and time-consuming to manage. That is, unless the bulk of the process is automated. 

In addition, you can set up your system to automatically track certain member behaviors and mark milestones—which in turn can alert you and trigger subsequent automated responses.

The Impexium Advantage

Impexium’s AMS empowers you to make data-informed decisions to keep members engaged and delighted and help your association thrive. Impexium will give you a definite competitive edge, and our outstanding customer support provides you with all the tools you need for implementation, training, and ongoing support—even after launch! 

Ready to streamline operations and bolster your member experience? Request a demo today and see how Impexium can streamline your association’s operations and allow you to focus on what matters most–your constituents.