Maximize Your Impexium Investment with a Variety of Training Programs

Unlock Impexium’s full potential! Explore diverse training opportunities that will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel. Whether you are a seasoned usee, are just starting, or fall somewhere in between, flexible training options are at your fingertips.

We continually revise and revamp our training programs as the system evolves and our customers share feedback. Just this year, we added Group System Training, launched Mastery Training, and made Impexity the centralized location for Impexium-related training and education. Plus, we are continuously enhancing our training articles and videos. In the past few months alone, 80 “how-to” articles have been revised based on client feedback and new functionality.

Tailor your learning journey to suit your preferences and schedule.

Learn from Experts (and peers) at Group System Training Sessions

The association community takes pride in learning from and with each other. Now you can learn more about leveraging Impexium with other association professionals.

Multiple times each week, Impexium experts offer a live training session in a specific area of Impexium. Attendees benefit from being able to ask live questions and hear what people in similar association roles are asking.  During implementation, attendees can meet with their Project Manager after attending a live event to discuss specific questions for their instance. These sessions are approximately one hour and are recorded so you can refer to them as needed.

System Training Sessions You May Have Missed (Available on Demand)

Go at Your Own Speed

Impexium’s eLearning courses allow you to train at your own pace, one app at a time. These videos are broken down into bite-sized lessons, often less than two minutes each. Courses are interspersed with quizzes, so you can receive certificates in the apps specific to your job or become Impexium AMS certified.

These sessions are the perfect tool when you need a quick refresher (or for those, how do I do that again? moments). Plus, they offer a strong introduction for brand-new users.

New sessions are added to the eLearning courses regularly. Insider sources reveal that advanced-level exhibit courses are being released this quarter; fundraising and import tools sections will drop in Q3.

eLearning Training Sessions You May Have Missed (Available on Demand)

Expand Your Knowledge with Lunch and Learns

These BYOL (Bring Your Own Lunch) sessions cover various Impexium topics, from how to set up and run queries to system integrations to web page settings, and more. Offered semi-monthly, these are a perfect way to broaden and update your understanding of Impexium features and functionality.

Lunch and Learns You May Have Missed (Available on Demand)

Deepen Your Impexium Knowledge with Mastery Training

Mastery training is a new series of training webinars designed to provide advanced users with a deep dive into certain areas of Impexium functionality. Each webinar, hosted by an Impexium expert, will give you greater insight into different aspects of the product. We will walk you through best practices and how to navigate common pitfalls. You’ll gain new ideas and build your skills to excel in supporting your association.

Mastery Training Sessions You May Have Missed (Available on Demand)

What Do You Want to See?

Impexium will continue to add new courses covering various aspects of the platform. This ensures that you will have access to the most up-to-date information to leverage Impexium to its fullest.

Is there a training session you’d like to see? Run across a help article that needs updating? Want to share feedback on our training opportunities? We want to hear from you! Reach out to trainer extraordinaire Diana McMillon.