LPGA Amateurs Golf
Association & Impexium

About LPGA

LPGA Amateurs Golf Association is the largest women’s amateur golf association, made up of over 15,500+ members of all golf abilities throughout 130+ global chapters.

Impexium is the AMS provider for LPGA. Read the full story about how LPGA was able to streamline administrative tasks and increase chapter performance with our software.

The Problem

Volunteers Can Only Do So Much Heavy Lifting

When a position carries too much strain, even the most zealous eventually tap out. Ask the LPGA Amateurs Golf Association. When the organization ran into trouble with consistency in financial reporting, they realized that the main culprit was their own payment collection system. It placed too much administrative burden on its leaders—so much so that they had difficulty recruiting volunteers for key financial positions. In order to recruit and maintain volunteers, LPGA knew it needed to streamline administrative tasks, so volunteers would be able to prioritize advancing the association’s mission.

The Solution

Increasing Their Chapter Performance

Now, with one click, LPGA can export a report from their association management system, Impexium, and upload the amounts due into Billhighway. Quickly, they were able to access streamlined, consistent data reporting across all their chapters. The change also incentivized current members to volunteer for the previously complicated treasurer position, allowing chapters to focus solely on better serving their members rather than worrying over finances. As a result, LPGA has enjoyed an overall increase in chapter performance.

We wanted to eliminate our leaders’ administrative burden because these ladies want to get out there and have fun on the golf course. Since Billhighway is so user-friendly, it has a positive impact on the chapter leadership experience. It makes it much easier for chapters to find treasurers and frees up time to focus on better serving members.”

Kristin Bailey
Senior Manager, Chapter Development

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