Want to Join the Impexium Colombia Team?

When you join Impexium, you’ll do work that is meaningful for you and for the individuals who use our technologies and services—all from where you work best. Remote roles are now available in the U.S. and throughout Colombia, and we’ll continue to add more roles in more locations as they become available.

Our Software Developers

Our Colombia team consists of software developers who leverage the latest technologies and tools for the analysis, design, development and testing of Impexium’s Association Management Software (AMS) and Constituent Relaionship Management (CRM) productions for associations and non-profits.

Our team of developers has a daily stand-up with our global team to make sure everyone is aligned and has visability over what is going on, good and bad.

Strengthen the team's concept of common goals
Reduce roadblocks
Promote transparency and teamwork
Expand the team's project knowledge
Improve collaboration
Measure progress (and celebrate success)

The Impexium Culture

With our distributed teams, we know the importance of building a strong culture. We don’t delude ourselves into thinking that culture will magically happen and, as a result, work hard to ensure all of employees feel part of our “One Team.”

Remote Work

A physical office develops its own personality through inside jokes, shared experiences, and a collaborative environment, such as a meeting room with whiteboards (or the water cooler). A remote team needs to develop something similar. We’ve found the easiest way to do this is with our day-to-day toolset of online video conferencing, MS Teams, Slack, Zoom and Hangouts.

MS Teams is our virtual office. It’s the online version of the water cooler—where random work discussions happen, but also where we banter back and forth about the news, jokes, and pop culture.


Chat is awesome but being able to talk in real time and visually see someone is still important. MS Teams calls for quick, ad-hoc one-on-one meetings or Zoom for bigger team meetings make it easy to work in real time. During these chats, it’s fun to have a personal checkup just to see what the other person/people are up to.

Office Activities

Our remote teams are also active participants in company-wide trivia contest, volunteer and philanthropic initiatives and similar endeavors. These activities help keep some semblance of the office social life as part of work and encourage individuals who work in different departments to get to know each other better.


  • “I feel very happy to belong to this family. Since I started the process to join Impexium, everything was wonderful; the onboarding and training were organized and clear. All of the staff are very helpful and attentive. I think I found a dream job with new technologies, methodoligies and standards which I have never experienced before.”

    Juan Rudas
    Juan Rudas
    Software Developer
  • “At Impexium, we strive to create a collaborative environment and provide opportunities to constantly learn and expand our knowledge while creating the best experience for our customers. We work with the team on their career path and mentor them to succeed in their new roles.”

    Raaj Jeeth
    Raaj Jeeth
    V, Product Development
  • “I was excited to join Impexium because the company is full of positive people, employees are its greatest resource, and problems are seen as challenges to solve and not as obstacles. At Impexium, we work as a team and with each victory we all win and take time to celebrate together! It is a collaborative team atmosphere where we feel comfortable and cared for, always strive to do our best and continue to find ways to improve processes and grow.”

    Jonathan Sanchez
    Jonathan Sanchez
    Technical Lead

Are you interested in working for Impexium?

If you’re interested in working for Impexium, please share your resume or LinkedIn profile and preferences with us via email.

Impexium - Columbia

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In addition to the statutory benefits in Colombia, we offer:

  • Hybrid / remote work options
  • Supplementary private healthcare insurance
  • Additional paid holidays
  • Life insurance
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Bonus and award programs
  • English classes and professional development
  • Fun culture, team activities and more