The New York Society of Association Executives (NYSAE) & Impexium


Impexium is the Association Management Software provider for NYSAE. Our technology has made made processes simple for their members and staff. Read the full story about why NYSAE chose to partner with Impexium with as their AMS solution.

The Problem

NYSAE Was Tracking Data With Spreadsheets

The New York Society of Association Executives (NYSAE) were tracking their own membership and event data through Excel spreadsheets, emails, and offline communications. NYSAE worked with James Brannigan, Executive Director, to take their technology to the next level, and implement an Association Management System.

The Solution

Impexium Has Opened Doors
for NYSAE Membership To Grow


Build Engagement Profiles

James noted member engagement as his favorite Impexium feature. They love the ability to build member profiles by “how they engage with them, the events they attend, the organizations they’re a part of, and emails they open.” Building a profile has helped NYSAE understand their users and how they engage with the organization.


Track Education Credits

Impexium allows NYSAE members to store CAE credits in their portal, so they can track which accredited programs and events they’ve completed. This has been a game-changer for their association.


Everything Is One Click Away

NYSAE has been impressed by the system’s ease of use, saying that “everything I need from Impexium is one click away – reporting, financials, membership, and events.”


Increase Event Revenue

Registration portals, a la cart billing, membership attendees, and sponsorship revenue are all available within the Impexium AMS. James said “this opened up avenues for revenue we didn’t even know existed.”

Our Partnership

How NYSAE & Impexium Work Together

By implementing an Association Management Solution, NYSAE now has the ability to track membership and engagement, create a technology support team, and as James said “move into the twenty-first century.”

We’re thrilled NYSAE now has meaningful data on who members are and how they engage with the organization. Impexium is always here to help. 

“One of the things I appreciate so much for working with the Impexium team is their responsiveness. Impexium has helped us and allowed us to truly revitalize NYSAE’s brand.”

James Brannigan, NYSAE
James Brannigan
Executive Director at Kellen

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